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The Therapist

Shaun, a Practitioner of Traditional East Asian Medicine has studied widely with a variety of Masters and Teachers of the healing Arts and Medicines of the Orient.

His work is principally influenced by a Japanese approach to treating his patients gently, to not cause unnecessary discomfort or pain and to include more massage.

By feeling the body surface he can make assessment of the patients body condition and decide on individual treatment.

Shaun considers disease of the Body and Mind to be associated with muscular tension and designs his treatments around freeing up the body as a whole.

He believes in a more natural approach to treating his patients and to help people through showing them how to use their own healing senses in resolving body health and disorders.

Professional Qualification

Herbal Medicine from Michael and Lesley Tierra at the East West College of Herbalism, 1999-2002

2001-2005 Acupuncture, Tuina, and QiGong therapy at the London College of Traditional Acupuncture,

2004 Aromatherapy with Linda Orton-Jay and Ian Smith,

Further Education

Toyohari Association training in the Netherlands with Stephen Birch and Junko Ida, see,

Dr Manaka's Yin Yang balancing method to acupuncture with Stephen Birch

Trigger point, Myofacial and Neuromuscular massage therapies with a variety of educators who were influenced by Ida Rolf and Janet Travell.

Healthiskin Face & Body Clinic

Shaun run Healthiskin for 15 years. Located in Putney, London it was a pioneer in natural organic skincare and offered many different face & body therapy i.e. Aromatherapy, Acupuncture, Sports massage, Shiatsu, Korean reflexology, Pregnancy massage, Shaun’s special face & body treatment etc.

Shaun's principle work is with Toyohari Acupuncture and Meridian Therapy, uniquely sensitive and gentle approaches developed by mostly blind traditional acupuncturists in Japan, see

Shaun’s five therapy Goals

Balance the acupuncture meridian system, and improve the clients sense of inner harmony

Teach and help the client to be more personally responsible for their own health assurance

Assist the individual during the process of optimising their overall body condition and health

Guide each client in their formulating a 'personal preventative health assurance strategy'

Assist the client in learning to observe the personal influences upon the health of their overall body condition, including: therapeutic agents, diet, lifestyle, personal environment.

Moxa Therapy & herbal Medicine

Japanese meridian therapy it is traditional for patients to be shown how to treat themselves or their partner with Moxa at home, as a between treatment 'top up'.
Moxa, a herb commonly used in acupuncture, is burnt on the skin at responsive points. Simple Moxa treatment can be performed without causing injury to the skin.

When it is not possible to attend meridian therapy as frequently as desirable, being able to treat at home with Moxa techniques makes for a valuable supportive therapy.

After gaining some mastery of Japanese moxa at home, shaun teaches a lay person's method to herbal diagnosis for the therapeutic use of herbs at home.

The aim is to become comfortable over decisions regarding what will prove effective and learn to safely consider an herb's potential beyond the written information.

Herbs, used in this way, may be demonstrated to have effect complimentary to meridian therapy, and as supportive in developing self-care towards self-cultivation.


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